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Humor in the Workplace
BusinessWeek, November 5, 007
Laughter can create a productive and healthy work environment, but be careful that it's not masking inappropriate comments.

Banter highly prized in IT workplace
By Louis van Wyk, June 15, 2007 Resellernews
Banter stimulated the laughter IT workers consider indispensable in offsetting the intense business activities they face every day, says Plester. It was essentially the oil through which workplace relationships were created and maintained.

Effect of Workplace Laughter Groups on Personal Efficacy Beliefs.
Beckman H, Regier N, Young J
Purposeful laughter is a realistic, sustainable, and generalizable intervention that enhances employees' morale, resilience, and personal efficacy beliefs. J Prim Prev 2007 Mar 1.


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