Getting on the TEDx platform.


by Allen Klein

Probably for most folks, getting to do a TEDx talk won’t happen the way it did for me. I put it on my bucket list and three weeks later I was asked to do one.

Before I put it on the list, however, I did research on how to go about getting to do a TEDx talk. Here is you can do to start on your road to the stage of a TEDx event:

1- Check out TEDx talks in your area. The Internet can be a help here by typing in TEDx and the area or state where you reside.

2- Go to any local TEDx talks to see what it is like and possibly chat with the organizers. Also, talk with some of the presenters and find out how they got on the bill.

3- Find out from the organizers, or online. when they do their event and what is their theme for the next one. It’s important that your message fits their theme.

4- Find out what the process is for applying. I think each TEDx talk group might be different.

5- Follow the rules and apply.

P.S. Here is a link to the TEDx talk I did


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