Airline Travel: Flying is the Second Greatest Thrill Known to Man, Landing is the First


By Allen Klein, MA, CSP (aka Mr. Jollytologist®)


Tightened airport security and other plane related problems are making airline travel more difficult these days. To counteract that, here are some suggestions to make your journey more enjoyable.

  • Distract yourself.During the flight, divert your attention with a good book, good conversation or the in-flight movie.
  • Reach out and meet someone.Making contact with other people can help you feel less alone in the lonely world of travel.
  • Remember to breathe. When you tense up, you tend to take short shallow breaths. Long slow breaths relax you.
  • Flying is safer than driving. You've heard it before but its true. If you took one domestic plane ride a day, you could go on average more than 29,000 years before succumbing to a fatal accident.
  • Take control. You may not be in control of your surroundings but you are in control of what you think. Concentrate on the positive.
  • Remember your sense of humor. A good laugh can help you rise above any situation.

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