Humor-Eyes Your Stress


By Allen Klein, MA, CSP (aka Mr. Jollytologist®)


"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."

- Anonymous

There is a funny thing about humor. You never knew where or when it will happen. In fact, it is often the surprise element of a situation that makes it so laughable. Two of my professional-speaker colleagues recently told me a story that illustrates this point extremely well.

One of them said that she was glowing after giving a very successful humor presentation at a luncheon. As she was heading home, her car started to billow smoke. She pulled over and stood at the back of the car. Shortly after the smoke died down, a policeman pulled up and demanded that she move the car and get out of the line of backed up traffic. She started to head around the car to the driver's door but she couldn't move. Her high heels were stuck in the hot roadside tar.
The next thing she knew, she has a cop on one side and a traffic control officer on the other trying to pull her feet out of the tar.

Just then, and I swear to God this is true," she says, "a van tries to pull around her car and it is loaded with woman who just heard her humorous presentation at the luncheon. They roll down the window and shout, 'What's so funny about this?' And, Lyon shares, I'm laughing so hard, I just about wet my pants!

Another colleague, said that she was giving a presentation in an unusually dark room. The walls were black, the carpeting was black, the stage curtain behind her was black.

At one point in her talk, she stepped forward, missed the edge of the stage, and found herself flat on the floor. Although she was a little startled, she realized that she wasn't hurt. Just slightly embarrassed. She also realized that the microphone had fallen right nearby. So, still lying on the floor, she picked it up and announced to the audience, "And now I will take questions from the floor".

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