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The Lift Your Spirits Quote Book
by Allen Klein
Hardcover, 144 pages
Gramercy Books / Random House Value Publishing, Inc.

Book Summary:

Psychoneuroimmunology is a long word with a short simple concept. It means that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. In other words, your mind can influence your body. What you think affects how you feel. Of course, what you think consists mainly of wordsĐand those words have the power to drag you down or lift you up.

The quotations in this book were all selected to help you experience the latter. They can help keep your spirits high so that you will be mentally, physically and spiritually healthier.


Table of Contents

  • Applause
  • Arts: art, dance, music, poetry
  • Beauty
  • Creativity
  • Family: babies, children, parents, grandparents
  • Friendship
  • Heart
  • Lighten up: cheerfulness, happiness, humor, joy, laughter, play, smiles
  • Love
  • Nature: flowers, gardens, weather
  • New day
  • Pets: cats, dogs
  • Peace
  • Positive thoughts
  • Spirituality: faith, god, prayer, soul
  • Wealth



"When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong; when he is cheerful, everything seems right!"

-Proverbs 15:15


"Years back someone said cod liver oil was the cure-all! Cheerfulness is more palliative and with no unpleasant aftertaste."

-Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso 


"Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind,  filling it with a steady and perpetual serenity."

-Joseph Addison


"A happy woman is one who has no cares at all; a cheerful woman is one who has cares but doesn't let them get her down."

-Beverly Sills 


"Even if we can t be happy we must always be cheerful."

-Irving Kristol


"You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an earnest effort to confer that pleasure on others? Half the battle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy."

-Lydia Maria Child


"Cheerfulness is contagious, but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier."



"If God came in and said, I want you to be happy for the 
rest of your life, 0 what would you do?

-Bernie Siegel 



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