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Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times

Positive Thoughts for Troubing Times


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A Renew-Your-Spirits Guide

by Allen Klein
Foreword by Heidi Hanna, PhD
Paperback, 198 pages
Mango Publishing

Book Summary

Rarely before in history has the United States - and the world at large - been so divided. With each new Tweet, falsehood, or upsetting news headline, the things we once took for granted and believed in have become upended and, in the process, have crushed our spirit.

The inspired ideas and power thoughts in Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times will provide you with hope, a renewed spirit and a new perspective at viewing our worrisome times.

Author Allen Klein, the world's only Jollytologist®, knows how the right thought at the right time can change your day for the better. In Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times, he offers a lifetime of positive change. Go back to living one day at a time with this inspirational guide.

You will find succinct ideas to help you rise above present-day frustrations, hurts and worries. Meditate on these positive thoughts to improve all aspects of your life in these difficult times.

Some of the categories covered include:
  • Change
  • Choices
  • Fear
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Positivity
  • Never Give Up
  • Stay Strong


A Matter Of Choice

We are the choices we make. Each and every second of the day we are making decisions. Some of them are major...
should we get married, raise a family, move to a new city? Others are more mundane...which video to view, restaurant to patronize, emails to answer?

Even a stop at a Starbucks for a simple cup of coffee is not so simple. Do you want regular or decaf, black, regular milk, soy milk or almond milk, expresso Americano or expresso latte, or something special like a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino®? On the other hand, maybe you should just chuck the whole coffee experience and order a steamed apple juice or hot chocolate instead?

The point is that one cup of coffee might not make much difference in your life. But so many other decisions do. We therefore need to choose wisely. Hopefully the thoughts in this section will help you do just that.


When it rains it pours. Maybe the art of life is to convert
tough times to great experiences: we can choose to hate the rain or dance in it.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.

The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves but in our attitude towards them.

You always have two choices with your life and experience: you can either learn from it or you can place blame. The choice is always yours.

No one forces a person to be negative, and no one forces anyone to be positive. The choice is up to an individual and that person alone.

That's the nice thing about being human. We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it's going to be.

We are the choices we make.

You have a choice, you either give it your best, or alternatively you give up. Don't look back upon your life with regret, make the changes you want and make them now!

Every day, you make choices about what you will dedicate your time to, how you will spend your money, and who you will rely on. In every aspect of your life, you have the ability to choose either simplicity or complexity; finances, work, chores, shopping, entertainment, and relationships may all be sources of stress and chaos, or they may become wellsprings of peace and contentment.

The choice we make will determine whether we reinforce a world where conflicts escalate out of control, or create a new world where conflicts are transformed into opportunity.

I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, whenever doubts, anxiety, or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal — and soon they'll forget my number.

There is always plenty to be worried and sad about, but there is equally plenty to be happy and at peace with.
The choice is yours.


HIGH PRAISE FOR Positive Thoughts in Troubling Times

"I have always said that 'creativity, love and nature are fuel for the soul,' but I am now thinking that I need to add another item to that list... Allen Klein's new book Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times. With all of the confusion, fear and vitriol being bandied about today there has never been a more important time for wisdom and truth. Quotes ARE fuel for the soul, and Allen has packed enough fuel in this book to shine a light of positivity and hope that will glow for eternity."

- G. Brian Benson author of Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar


"The thoughts, reflections, insights and new directions provided in this inspiring book serve as an internal GPS for our soul."

- Dr. Heidi Hanna author of Stressaholic




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