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Recommended Stand-Up Videos and DVD's

Stand-Up Videos and DVD's
make 'em laugh
Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America (DVD)
Billy Crystal, Amy Sedaris, Judd Apatow, and Roseanne Barr, among many others.

Robin Williams Live on Broadway
From Shakespeare to shtick without missing a beat.

Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway
Timeless and sharp observational humor.

The Young Comedians All Star Reunion
Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Howie Mandell and more...

Adam Sandler: The Best of Adam Sandler
Saturday Night Live clips of Operaman, Cajun Man and Canteen Boy.

Best of Comic Relief '90
Crystal, Whoopi and Williams will WOW you.

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby, Himself
Down-to-earth observations on the rewards and rigors of family life.

Chris Rock: Bring the Pain
Rock's social commentary will have you rocking with laughter.

Gilda Radner: Live
Familiar Saturday Night Live characters in this video version of the Broadway show.

Johnny Carson: The Johnny Carson Collection
Classic Carson from his late night TV shows.

Lily Tomlin: Lily Sold Out
Lots of laughs with Lily.

Milton Berle: Mad World of Comedy
A comic cavalcade of some of the best in the business.

Rita Rudner: Born to Be Mild
Gentle off-beat humor with class and in a class of its own.

Tim Allen: Men are Pigs
Brilliant comic comments on the difference between men and women.

Whoopi Goldberg: Wise Cracks
A funny tribute to women stand-up comics.
Comedy Videos
Jim Carrey

Ace Ventura

Bruce Almighty

Dumb and Dumber

The Mask

The Truman Show

Robin Williams

Mrs. Doubtfire

Patch Adams


The Birdcage

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