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Recommended Humor Books

Humor Books by Allen Klein
by Allen Klein
60 Therapeutic, Perspecitive-Building, Life-Changing Reproducible.

Change Your Life
by Allen Klein
Get a quick shot of inspiration at any time, or select one quote every day for in-depth thought and meditation.

Work Laughs
by Allen Klein
A Jollytologist® Book: Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes about Making a Buck

Teacher Laughs
by Allen Klein
A Jollytologist® Book: Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes about the Classroom

Parent Laughs
by Allen Klein
A Jollytologist® Book: Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes about Parenting

Reflections on Life
by Allen Klein
Why We're Here and How to Enjoy the Journey

The Love and Kisses Quote Book
by Allen Klein
500 Quotations to Snuggle Up To

The Simplify-Your-Life Quote Book
by Allen Klein
Over 500 Inspiring Quotations to Help You Relax, Refocus, and Renew

The Courage to Laugh
by Allen Klein
How to find humor,hope, and healing in life-challenging situations.

The Healing Power of Humor
by Allen Klein
Provides fourteen humor techniques for dealing with not-so-funny stuff.

Wing Tips
by Allen Klein
Ideas on how to be a happy and healthier airline passenger. 

The Lift-Your-Spirits Quote Book
by Allen Klein
Over 650 quotations to inspire and nurture body, mind, and soul.

The Change-Your-Life Quote Book
by Allen Klein
Over 600 wise and wonderful quotes to inspire and motivate.

Up Words for Down Days
by Allen Klein
Over 700 quips, quotes and anecdotes to amuse, inspire and uplift.

Quotations to Cheer You Up When the World is Getting You Down
by Allen Klein
Over 700 uplifting quotes on such things as laughter,joy, happiness, etc.
Recommended Books
I'd Rather Laugh
by Linda Richman
Saturday Night Liver performaer writes about making time for fun in spite of life's hard knocks.

Is Your Glass Laugh Full?
by Ronald P. Culberson
Amusing stories that illustrate the coping capability of humor.

The Humor Habit: Tips to Jest for Success
by Karyn Buxman
Booklet of "easy-to-do" stress-releiving humor tips.

Becoming a Humor Being: The Power to Choose a Better Way
by Steve Rizzo
How to get through almost anything with a sense of humor.

You Just Have to Laugh
by David Naster
Using humor to make tough times better.

I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead
by Sue Buchanan
Warm & witty words for those dealing with breast cancer.

Long in the Tooth
by Florence Ditlow
How one woman used humor to survive a chronic illness.

Beyond Medicine
by Stephen R. Yarnall
How one MD used humor to recover from a near-fatal illness.

When You're up to Your Eyeballs in Alligators
by Larry Wilde
How to use your sense of humor for health and wealth.

Humor, Play & Laughter: Stress-Proofing Life with Your Kids
by Joseph Michelli
Learn to lighten up and laugh with your children.

Do You Hear Me?  
by Maxwell Schneider
Laughs for the hard of hearing by the hard of hearing.

Relax - you may only have a few minutes left
by Loretta LaRoche
Using the power of humor to overcome stress in your life & work.

Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards
by Brian Luke Seaward
Raising above life's challenges with humor, hope and courage.

Ms The Get Well Book Close to Home
by John McPherson
A little book of cartoons to make you feel a whole lot better.

Anatomy of an Illness
by Norman Cousins
The book that started the "humor-is-healing" phenomenon.

Beyond Love and Work
by Lenore Terr
Why adults need to play.

Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul
by Jack Canfield and others.
Inspiring stories from those who have survived cancer.

Compassionate Laughter
by Patty Wooten
A joyful journey of why laughter just might be the best medicine.

Deep Play
by Diane Ackerman
Explorations into our need for play.

Health, Healing and the Amuse System
by Paul McGhee
Using your sense of humor to cope with stress.

I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead
by Sue Buchanan
Surviving breast cancer with a sense of humor.

A Life in the Balance
by Scott Burton
Inspirational and funny story of a stand-up comic beating cancer.

Making Sense of Humor
by Lila Green
How to add joy to your life.

Not Now, I'm Having a No Hair Day
by Christine Clifford
Approaching cancer with a lighthearted touch.

The Positive Thinker
by Alice Potter
Find the inner power to change your life.

Almost Home
by Jacki Kwan
A journey connecting positive humor and spirituality.

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The Psychology of Humor
by Rod A. Martin
Finally, a book that puts the latest research on the psychology of humor and laughter in one place.

Bedlam Among the Bedpans: Humor in Nursing
by Amy Young
Over 100 of the funniest and most creative stories about nursing.

Medicine is the Best Laughter
by Gideon Bosker
Andedotes & cartoons that poke fun at health care.

Medicine is the Best Laughter: A Second Dose
by Gideon Bosker
More funny stuff related to the world of health care.

Laughter: A Scientific Investigation
by Robert R. Provine
Everything you ever wanted to know about laughter written in not too technical terms.

The Magic of Humor in Caregiving
by James Sherman
How to lighten the load and take care of yourself when you are taking care of someone else.

Best of Medical Humor
by Howard J. Bennett
Doctors poke fun at the health care system.

Best of Nursing Humor
Colleen Kenefick and Amy Young
Amusing articles, essays & poetry from nursing literature.

by Patch Adams, et al
The real Dr. Adams take on the medical profession.

Humor & the Health Professions
by Vera M. Robinson
A classic pioneering book in the care-giving field.

Medical Bloopers
by Melody McCloud
Amusing and amazing stories from health care workers.

Medical Wit & Wisdom
by Jess M. Brallier
Medical mirth from Hypocrites to Groucho Marx.

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A Funny Thing about Teaching
by Jack Rightmyer
This humorous, personal account shares the lessons learned from one man's lengthy teaching career.

Laughing Lessons
by Ron Burgess, et. al.
For teachers who want to make both teaching and learning more fun.

How to Be a Working Comic
by Dave Schwensen
Useful advice on the art and craft of being a standup comedian.

Stop the Show! A History of Insane Incidents and Absurd Accidents in the Theater.
by Brad Schreiber
Humorous anecdotes about all that went wrong during theatrical productions.

Comedy for Real Life: A Guide to Helping Kids Survive in an Imperfect World
by Emilyl Oldak
For counselors, teachers, parents and anyone else who loves kids

Humor as an Instructional Defibrillator
by Ronald A. Berk
How to use humor as a systematic teaching tool.

Professors are from Mars, Students are from Snickers
by Ronald A. Berk
How to write and deliver humor in the classroom.

Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work
by Leslie Yerkes
The power of fun work fusion for creating organizational results.

Laugh and Get Rich
by Rick Segel and Darrren LaCroix
Putting the human touch back in business with good humor.

License to Laugh: Humor in the Classroom
by Richard A. Shade
Lightening up the learning environment.

101 Ways to Have a Great Day @ Work
by Stephanie Goddard Davidson
Quick, effective pick-me-ups for down-in-the-dumps days.

Using Stories and Humor
by Joanna Slan
How to add pizzazz to your speeches with humor and stories.

1001 Humorous Illustrations for Public Speaking
by Michael Hodgin
Fresh, timely, and compelling illustrations for preachers, teachers & speakers. 

Care Packages for the Workplace
by Barbara Glanz
Dozens of little things you can do to regenerate spirit at work.

Don't Get Mad, Get Funny!
by Leigh Anne Jasheway
A light-hearted approach to stress management.

Fun Factor
by Carolyn Greenwich
Activities that make work fun and get results.

Humor Works
by John Morreall
Ideas on how to use appropriate humor in the workplace.

Laughing Classroom
by Diane Loomans and Karen Kolberg
For teachers who want to create lighthearted learning environments.

Laughing Nine to Five
by Clyde Fahlman
Shows you how to get more humor in the workplace.

Lighten Up
by C. W. Metcalf and Roma Felible
Humor skills for staying cool, calm & creative while under pressure.

Managing to Have Fun
by Matt Weinstein Demonstrates the positive effects of fun in the workplace.

Totally Useless Office Skills
by Rick Davis
75 great ways to play at work.

Work Like Your Dog
by Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber
50 ways to work less, play more, and earn more.

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work
by Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes
Ideas for putting fun into work, communication, training or meetings.

Funny Business
by Bob Ross
Hundreds of true anecdotes of how humor helps in both personal & professional situations.

Energize Your Meetings with Laughter
by Sheila Feigelson
A guide to making meetings more productive with humor.

Wake'Em Up!
by Tom Antion
How to make your business presentations more memorable with humor.

50 Fun Ways to Internet
by Allan Hoffman
Fun and useful things you can do in cyberspace.

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The Well-Played Game: A Playful Path to Wholeness
by Bernie DeKoven
A guide to games that are joyful and healthful.

Great Comedians Talk about Comedy
by Larry Wilde
Top comics reveal their comedy secrets.

Step-by-Step to Stand-Up Comedy
by Greg Dean
The dean of comedy shows you how to be funny. . . and it's no laughing matter.

Fun? But We're Married
by Lois and Joel Davitz
A wise and witty guide to a lasting marriage.

Holy Hilarity
by Cal and Rose Samra
Faith can be fun: uplifting anecdotes, one-liners &church bulletin bloopers.

The Big Book of Jewish Humor
by William Novak & Moshe Waldoks
You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this book. Big laughs from the Marx Brothers to Woody Allen and many more.

Duck Soup for the Soul
by Swami Beyondananda
Shows you how to live louder and laughing longer.

Comedy Writing Secrets
by Melvin Helitzer
How to think funny, write funny, act funny and get paid for it.

Have Fun with Your Kids
by Marilee LeBon
A Lazy Way guide to finding more time for your tykes.

Heart, Humor & Healing
by Patty Wooten
Inspiring laugh-provoking quips, quotes & anecdotes.

House Calls
by Patch Adams, et al
How we can heal the world one visit at a time.

KidSpiration: Out of the Mouths of Babes
by Judy Moon Denson and Beverly Smallwood
Quotations and observations from real kids in real-life situations.

by Joel Goodman
1,001 ways to add humor to your life and work.

Laughter, the Best Medicine
600 jokes, anecdotes, cartoons and laughs from Reader's Digest.

Make 'em Laugh
by Steve Allen
A course in the art of comedy. Fun, even if you flunk.

Playfair: Everybody's Guide to Noncompetitive Play
by Matt Weinstein and Joel Goodman
A fun-filled resource of over sixty "everybody wins" games.

Simple Fun for Busy People
by Gary Krane
333 Ways to enjoy your loved ones more in the time you have.

Treasury of Senior Humor
by James E. Myers
Jokes, cartoons and funny stories for and about older folks.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up
by Terry Braverman
How to be happy in spite of it all.

Playing Along
by Izzy Gesell
37 improvisational games for learning and laughing.

Simple Fun for Busy People
by Gary Krane
Hundreds of activities to be played in ordinary situations during dinner or while driving, waking up or when watching TV, etc.

Laughing Day
by Hope, et al.
A delightful children's book with an important message for all of us.

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The Doctor's Book of Humorous Quotations
by Howard Bennett
Over 1,700 quotes, jokes and one-liners about all aspects of medicine and health care.

The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time (in Two Lines or Less)
by John Shanahan
Inspirational, witty, and thought-provoking wise words.

The Penguin Dictionary of Jokes Wisecracks, Quips and Quotes
by Fred Metcalf
A treasury of witty wisdom by the funniest writers of our time.

The Book of Truly Stupid Business Quotes
by Jeff Paretti
The title says it all.

The Teacher's Book of Wit Quips and Quotes to Make Learning Fun
by Mark Ortman

Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations
by Ned Sherrin

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An Encyclopedia of Humor
by Lowell Streiker
Almost 3000 humorous jokes, stories and anecdotes. Categorized & indexed.

Milton Berle's Private Joke File
by Milton Berle and Milt Rosen
Over 10,000 of Berle's bests gags, anecdotes and one-liners.

Joke Soup
by Judy Brown
1,217 of the funniest jokes from the best comedians.

Encyclopedia of Good Clean Jokes
by Bob Phillips
Lots of wholesome gags to help you have a laugh a minute.

Steve Allen's Private Joke File
by Steve Allen
More than 1,000 of Allen's favorite jokes.

Super-Duper Good Clean Jokes for Kids
by Bob Phillips
The title says it all.

The Larry Wilde Treasury of Laughter
by Larry Wilde
Over 2,000 jokes guaranteed to get guffaws.

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