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Secrets Kids Know

Secrets Kids Know


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SECRETS KIDS KNOW…that adults oughta learn

by Allen Klein
Illustrations by Sarah Klein
Foreward by Michael Pritchard
Paperback, 288 pages
Viva Editions

Book Summary

Secrets Kids Know... that adults oughta learn will show you how to enrich your life by viewing it through the eyes of a child. Akin to a road map filled with the insights, the ingenuity and the innate wisdom of children, each “secret" (chapter) will reveal how adults can re-view, renew and re-energize their lives.


"Return to the beginning;
Become a child again."

- Tao Te Ching


When I was writing my first book, The Healing Power of Humor, I was under a tight deadline. Kids know nothing about deadlines. So about every fifteen minutes my daughter, who was a young teenager at the time, kept coming into my office and interrupting my writing. In spite of the fact that I would repeatedly tell her not to bother me, she would. So, one day I a put a big sign on the door that read: "Do Not Disturb, Unless It Is An Emergency."

No sooner had I posted it, there was a knock on the door. I yelled in anger and questioned if it was an emergency. Sarah said it was and that she must come in and tell me something. When I opened the door and irritably asked what the emergency was, she replied: “I want to tell you I love you!”

It took a child to show me that even though I was writing about keeping one's sense of humor, I had lost mine. It also taught me about love. I can’t be sure, but that may have been the seed that was planted within me to write this book and remind the world about children’s innate wisdom.

As I mature in years, I have come to realize that advising children to “grow up” may not be the best advice. I have seen numerous children grow up to become solemn adults who neither enjoy their work, their life or their world.

Growing up has cost these adults dearly. Maybe it is time for them, and many of us, to “grow down.” Children can teach adults incredible things about life, if we will only listen and be receptive to them. Children are spontaneous, joyful, playful, wise, unspoiled, inventive, loving, curious, forgiving and so much more.

I have always believed that when we are very young, or very old, it is the wisest times of our life. It is not something I can prove but it is something I have seen when I was volunteering with elderly hospice patients and when I am around children. There is something genuine about the very young and the very old. The rules and regulations of the adult world take a backseat in both ends of life.

My own belief is that we are all come from energy when we were born and we all return to that energy when we die. If this is true, then children, and those near death, are closer to that pure energy and the essence of who we really are.

It is why I have written this book. To invite you to “grow down” and experience the true nature you once had.



"Your book put a smile on my face. It reminded me of all the childhood perspectives I once experienced. Sad to say as an adult I have left them behind. Your writing has truly helped me reset myself, thank you. This book will be the one I buy for friends."

- David Mann Paul Newman's SeriousFun camp director


"Sometimes the best way to face our grownup problems is to use a child’s approach. Great secrets here from the insightful Allen Klein! Pass ‘em on!"

- Brad Nieder, M.D. The Healthy Humorist (and father of three)


"What happens when you combine Allen Klein’s extraordinary talent with the playful energy that comes from discovering the secrets of kids? As you start to read, be ready to experience pure joy. You will not be able to put this book down. "

- Mary Kay Morrison, MSEd author, Using Humor to Maximize Living


"Allen Klein brilliantly reveals that the joys of seeing life through the eyes of a child are available to all of us adults, right here, right now. Secrets Kids Know demonstrates that there’s a big difference between acting childlike and acting childish. Let the fun begin!"

- Matt Weinstein co-author, Work Like Your Dog


" Klein's book is a warm and wonderful reminder that the youngest among us are often the wisest."

- Kate Offer, early childhood music educator


"Secrets Kids Know… made me smile countless times as it genuinely captures the magic of childhood and play. It is a must-read for anybody who loves children or wants to improve their connection with their inner child."

-Pam Werner, retired pre-school teacher>


"Kids may know lots of secrets, but Allen Klein knows more! His latest book, Secrets Kids Know…that adults oughta learn, will not only make you laugh out-loud, but will make your heart smile and enjoy your life just a little more. "

-Blythe Lipman parenting expert, host of “Baby and Toddler Instructions” radio show


"People who are serious in their wish for peace and joy must read this book. It will show them that the adult world needs the 'beginner's mind' of a young child and the sense of wonder that it can bring. Graduates of preschools can teach this important lesson to anyone who wants to live in a happier and healthier world."

-Helen Stucky Weaver founder of


"How easy it is to forget the feeling of being childlike—ringing the bell on your bike, laughing hysterically with your best friend for no reason, or eating the dessert first! The secrets kids know have each rolled out like my old bag of marbles thanks to Allen Klein's true connection to us as a kid at heart."

-Sue Stephenson author of Kidding Around and Creator of Happiness at School™

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