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Wing Tips
by Allen Klein
Hardback, 150 pages
Wings Books/Random House Value Publishing

Book Summary:
This book will show you how to deal with airline delays, cancellations, jet lag, long lines, lost luggage, mushy meals, cranky kids, crummy service-and still keep smiling.

A Word from the Author:
While writing Wing Tips, I traveled over 100,000 per year. The sometimes entertaining, sometimes educational stories and information in this book came from my own experience as well as from other seasoned travelers and airline personnel. All of them contributed to a book that will teach you, believe it or not, how to be happier airline passenger.

Table of Contents

Prologue: If I'm Flying the Friendly Skies, Why Am I So Unhappy?


Get Ready for Take-Off

Chapter 1: Common Sense
Chapter 2: Sense of Humor
Chapter 3: Sense of Adventure
Chapter 4: Choosing a Travel Agent
Chapter 5: Choosing a Flight
Chapter 6: Choosing a Seat
Chapter 7: Cheap Travel
Chapter 8: Cheaper Travel
Chapter 9: Why Do You Think They Call It Luggage?
Chapter 10: Take, (or Don't Take), Me Along


Off and Skipping

Chapter 11: Get Me to the Airport on Time
Chapter 12: All Airports are Not Created Alike
Chapter 13: To Check or Not to Check...That is the Question
Chapter 14: The Zen of Flying


Up, Up and Away

Chapter 15: How to be Comfortable While Being Confined
Chapter 16
: Let Me Entertain Me
Chapter 17
: Travel Broadens (or, You Are What You Eat)
Chapter 18
: Be Fit While You Sit
Chapter 19
: A Crash Course in Airline Safety
Chapter 20
: Jet Lag: Eat, Wash or Smell It Away?

Epilogue:  Beyond the Blue Horizon



Sample Selection:

If you are looking for a laugh during stressful travel moments, seek out some children. The funniest lines often come out of the mouths of babes.

Comedian Michael Pritchard, for example, once saw a child waiting to greet his mother who was emerging from the jetway. With his father standing next to him, the child bellowed, "Hi Mom. While you were gone nobody slept with dad."

One time, when I was standing in line to be re-ticketed, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation of two children. One of them turned to the other and in a very loud voice shouted, "Aren't you pissed at the airlines?" Not only did they give the adults around them a good belly laugh, but they expressed exactly what most of us were feeling.



2012 by Allen Klein. All Rights Reserved.