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WorkLaughs; A Jollytologist® Book: Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes about Making a Buck
by Allen Klein
Hardcover, 128 pages
Gramercy Books / Random House Value Publishing, Inc.

Book Summary:

WorkLaughs is full of hilarious and witty anecdotes about making a living. These selections from comedians and notable personalities including Milton Berle, Paula Poundstone, and Jerry Seinfeld as well as lesser-known colleagues of the daily grind explore the funny side of many aspects of the workplace - including going on a job interview, sitting through meetings, calling in sick, dealing with the boss, retiring, and much more.

Award-winning professional speaker and therapeutic humor expert "Mr. Jollytologist®" Allen Klein has carefully selected these lighthearted quips, quotes, and anecdotes to keep workers laughing even on the hardest days. From salespeople to construction workers to doctors to those climbing the corporate ladder, this hilarious volume is perfect for everyone who's trying to make a buck.

Sample Quotes:

"Donuts: the only non-negotiable element to a successful meeting."
Joe Heuer

"After the ship has sunk, a consultant knows how it might have been saved."
Newt Hielscher

"I love working for myself; it's so empowering. Except when I call in sick. I always know when I'm lying."
Rita Rudner

"The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you're on the job."
Slappy White


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